Seal webinar


15 November 2023:

Seal management under a trade ban – how to promote sustainable resource use?


A report of the content of the webinar can be downloaded here.


The presentations from the webinar can be downloaded by clicking on the title.


A problematic resource

Welcome address – Markus Norrback, Chair, Ostrobothnian Fisheries Association

Damages caused by seals to fisheries – a timeline of research and findings – Sven-Gunnar Lunneryd, Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences

Seal - a valuable game species – project outcomes – Marina Nyqvist, Ostrobothnian Fisheries Association


Management in place

Finnish management plan for seals – Ida Anomaa, Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture of Finland

Swedish hunting of seals – Christine Aminoff, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Estonian management of seals – Markus Vetemaa, University of Tartu

Norwegian management of grey and harbour seals – Arne Bjørge, Institute of Marine Research 

Management of seals on the Åland Islands – Viktor Eriksson, Archipelago Pares r.f.


Reassessing management policies

Reassessing the management criteria of growing seal populations: The case of Baltic grey seal and coastal fishery – Petri Suuronen, International Seafood Consulting Group

EC: s perspective on seal management – Anne Delvaux/DG environment/EC

Reconciling conservation and use of marine mammal resources in the North Atlantic - Naima El bani Altuna, NAMMCO

Seal management from a hunter's perspective - Per Zakariasson, Swedish Association of Hunting and Wildlife Management

Political perspectives on the trade ban and seal management, MEP Nils Torvalds, Swedish MEP, National politicians